A Game of Randos

I’ve hit a small delay in my production of “Desert Planet” terrain–namely because I ran out of filament and the crummy off-brand rolls I have lying around are not behaving themselves. However the new roll of good stuff is theoretically showing up tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have been wondering what to do with the terrain, given that I am not really doing any wargaming right now. I have considered roping my son into playing Rogue Stars, which seems like it would work well with the terrain, and is miniature-agnostic, meaning I could use, well, anything I had onhand.

With that in mind, I started combing through the various scraps of miniatures I have boxed up.

So I have a fair number of Mutant Chronicles miniatures not only painted up, but painted up in a similar style regardless of what faction they came from. I vaguely remember this being from a period of time when I was getting into using wood varnish as a stain.

There are also two small units from VOID 1.1, some original Cadians from GW, a Battlemech, and some unpainted Mutant Chronicles miniatures in there too. There are a couple of other random guys in there too.

Most of them are pretty high-tech military in appearance, which I’m not sure translates well to the rules, but This was only my first pass when it came to seeing what I had. I like the idea of an eclectic selection of figures making up a team, so this could be fun.

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