Some mid-project blog related pondering

As Strange Vistas approaches its 2000th visitor, I’ve been thinking about how it has been going so far. The usual trend of traffic is to pick up about 10-15 visitors a day, mostly off of my sig in the HA website. Whenever I post pics there or at DakkaDakka, the number shoots up to about 80, peaking once at 120+ with the Skematic Portal Tomb.

Oddly enough, the fact that I used the words “free,” “download,” and “rulebook” gets me a hit every once in a while from piracy-minded folks cruising Google.

What got me pondering today though was a comment made by Phil Olley (well-known wargaming fellow) on his website/ezine “Broadside” Recently there have been a flurry of SYW-related blogs like “The Grand Duchy of Stollen” and the like. Being a prominent SYW wargamer, he was asked if he would be doing something similar, but his answer was no. In fact, he was more than slightly suspicious of the notion that anyone would like a daily update on how many minis he had basecoated that day, and was worried about “the tail wagging the dog.” (It is worth noting that he had admiration for people who did maintain such a blog, despite this.)

It has made me wonder about what is truly the most engaging form of this sort of communication: half a dozen or so little entries (like I do) or one big one showing the final work completed for that month (like he does). Now admittedly I can update this blog fairly easily from work, while Phil is busy painting a bazillion more minis, nursing his wife through cancer, and generally being a prominent figure in the hobby, but there you go.

Anyways, dozen or so daily readers, what do you think?

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