Stormguard Ruins

These have been sitting on my worktable for a while now, just waiting to be painted. They are ruins for the Stormguard Kickstarter, which features a lot of terrain that would be useful in a fantasy context, like Frostgrave or Age of Sigmar. A pretty simple set of pieces, but with a lot of utility […]

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The Fire Dragon’s Forge

I decided to give myself a break from The Dungeon of the Mad Mage and instead run a fairly straightforward one-session adventure for my “home” D&D campaign. It wasn’t a complicated plot: rescuing an NPC they met ages ago from his kidnapper, a fire giant. There’s was a small modicum of roleplaying, some investigation, and […]

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Goblin Alchemist

This is one of the Paizo Pathfinder ‘pre-primed” plastic miniatures to go along with the new rulebook which features goblin PC’s. He’s an appropriately wacky figure for one of the PC’s in one of my two D&D games, a goblin bard who believes he is a herald of the apocalypse. I’m really enjoying this particular […]

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Happy Halloween!

Have a great All Hallow’s Eve tonight, and be safe! Where I live, the weather took a nosedive over the last couple of days, culminating in the first snowfall of the year. I love snow, but it means that very soon it is going to be difficult to find time to spray-paint miniatures outside. So […]

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WarLayer Simple Building

This is a very small building made using pieces of from the WarLayer 3D Printable Terrain Kickstarter. The pieces are very modular, and remind me a lot of the old Erector set toys that I used to play with as a kid. All told, this was made using about 37 hours of printing time. I […]

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