the tiefling warrior

The last of my Naresh warband is another female, this time in a chain mail bikini.  It is the tiefling fighter, and I have to admit that like so many others in this warband, it gave me trouble.

First, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to do the “connecting color” purple, because I thought if I did her skin hues in purple she would look too much like the demonic maw.  Eventually a friend suggested doing her leathers or her tattoo, and that got me thinking about her hair.  One thing that did really bother me is that she is missing her right ear (I checked my other one of this miniature and it is there) which I figure must just be a casting problem.

This wraps up the entire warband’s roster, so I’ll be posting the group pic as well.

The Tiefling Warrior

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