Frugal Gaming Battle Mat

My wargaming table is dark brown stained wood, so when I game on it, I like covering it to make it look less like a table.  I’ve got a 4′ by 4′ piece of plywood, framed by 1″ lumber, that was textured with sand and glue and then painted green.  It’s unwieldy and tends to shed sand all the time.  I’ve really wanted a vinyl or rubber gaming mat that I can roll up and transport easily.

If you want a 4′ by 6′ vinyl battle mat for wargaming, it is going to set you back $50 at least..  But I’m a cheap guy, and when I saw this at Joann’s Fabrics, I knew I had a great Frugal Gaming alternative.


Cheap Vinyl Mat
Cheap Vinyl Mat

It was in the “design fabrics.”  It is a good, neutral color, has an irregular texture similar to burlap, and even has a heavy felt backing.  There was only two yards left, perfect for a battle mat.  The price was only $12.

Some people have asked about the scale of the Microtactix buildings.  Here’s a pic with the buildings and the new mat.


Mat and cardstock buildings
Mat and cardstock buildings

It does seem to hold a fold wrinkle, but I hold that it’ll flatten itself out in time.

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