Speeding painting more Chaos Marauders

I have painted a few more Chaos Marauders with my speed painting process.  Here’s a pic (included is the first trial figure):

Excuse me, can you direct us to the He-Man Fan Convention?
Excuse me, can you direct us to the He-Man Fan Convention?

I thought you might be interested in the painting process.

  1. Primed with cheap white primer
  2. Delta Ceramcoat Roman Stucco: flesh
  3. Delta Ceramcoat Opaque Red: pants
  4. Apple Barrel Blue Stoneware: metal
  5. DecoArt Cinnamon Brown: harness straps, hair, and bases
  6. Delta Ceramcoat Spice Tan: weapon handles, forearm and calf straps
  7. Delta Ceramcoat Ivory: horns and skulls
  8. Delta Ceramcoat Brown Velvet: boots
  9. Dipped in Olympic Special Pecan
  10. Sprayed with Krylon Matte Finish
  11. Flocked with Games Workshop flocking

And that’s it.  I got these four painted in the space of two evenings, another day to dip, and a final day to spray with the matte finish and flock.

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