Skeleton swordsmen and archers (57 to 60 of 480)

Years ago, I participated in the first two Kickstarters for the Reaper Bones line.  Between those two hauls and the odd addition, I have a grand total of 480 Reaper Bones miniatures, which theoretically could last me years in terms of painting.

That’s especially true given how slow I’ve been painting these days.  To keep me inspired, I started a blog keeping track of all of the miniatures I had painted to date.  You can find it here.

But since I decided to consolidate my blogs in this location, you’ll now be following my progress here.  So here is the latest offering, two skeleton archers (77018) and skeleton swordsmen (77017) from the “Undead Horde” portion of the first Kickstarter.

The paint job was pretty straightforward. The skeletons have a couple of layers and a wash of Agrax Earthshade.   It’s been so long since I painted anything that I am downright rusty, but hopefully it will come back to me.

Anyways, four more down, and a little closer to the goal.

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