January printing progress

When I started the Fat Dragon Games project, I thought I would try to create some benchmarks and goals to try to hit each month. My thought was I could try to create about 30 pieces each month, roughly one a day. It would be 12 floor tiles, 10 wall tiles, and 8 corner tiles for the first month. That list would give me two small rooms to start. If I had time, I could expand to a couple of doors and the “corner column” piece.

My plan is a little off. Based on the photo, have 12 floor tiles, 11 corner tiles (there were two that were at the time of the photo being printed), and only 6 wall tiles. Two of the door frames are done, but not the doors, and two of the corner column pieces are done. I’ve also created a sci-fi building, a dwarf building I have shared here before, a coaster of the anti-possession tattoo from “Supernatural,” and a few other odds and ends.

So once I’ve printed the wall pieces and the doors, then the question becomes whether I continue above and beyond for the month, or just work on other things.

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