Second Austro-Daimler Mk 1

From World War Tesla by Fat Dragon Games

I’ve finished the second tank of the Trieste Coaltion of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, the United States, and France. The Austro-Diamler has a high price tag point-wise, so I’m wondering if it is one of the more powerful units in the game. Having done two of these, I’m now working on units for their opponents, the Baltic League of Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and Italy.

In other gaming news, I participated in a friend’s new RPG campaign, using the Lord of the Rings rules that are basically a gloss of Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition. It felt like, well, Dungeons & Dragons, just with Tolkein races, etc. It was also a murder mystery plot, which I always find a bit difficult because the GM has to navigate his or her own complete knowledge of the plot and the world with what is revealed to the players through his or her own descriptions. This is made all the more notable when you are gaming via teleconferencing, so you are not physically present to get a good read on how players are taking in data.

As it turns out, the GM is very amiable to my style of roleplaying, and given that I was doing more straight-up in-character roleplaying than the other players, I was able to move the plot along to the next benchmark for that session. I am not always the best player, but it was good to sit back and try to figure out someone else’s world instead of my own.

More later. Thinking of you, my readers….

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