A (randomly generated) Example

Thanks to the good people of Serendipity I’ve been able to bang out a fairly random example of a campaign that could use my card system. I’m still thinking of a good name for the system, but it’ll come soon enough.

1. Whitebrooke (city)
This small city is crowded. It stands in the heart of the kingdom and is mainly constructed of stone. It is defended by local militia and its most noteworthy feature is the museum of ancient treasures.

1.1 The Hobgoblin’s Hand (inn)
1.1.1. Gerald Metcalfe (innkeeper NPC)
This man is muscular and pale-skinned, with a thin face. He has short, black hair and brown eyes. He is a innkeeper who is aggressive by nature, and undemonstrative.
1.1.2. Phillipa Hawtrey (bard NPC)
This stubborn, flirtatious musician has very dark skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. She is athletic, with a sharp-featured face. She has a romantic interest, but is not yet married.

1.2. Museum of Ancient Treasures
1.2.1. Ethelbert Maison (curator NPC)
This man is big-boned and ivory-skinned, with a long face. He has short, fleecy, brown hair and hazel eyes. He is an curator who is easygoing by nature, and cheerful.
1.2.2. The Harpsichord of Infernal Infamy (Adventure hook)
A horrific musical instrument has been summoning minor demons (imps, etc.) into the museum at night. The PC’s are asked to get through the museum, defeat the imps, and destroy the harpsichord.

2. Wyvernhaven (city)
This is a small, prosperous city built predominantly of granite and defended by a formidable army. It is well known for its colorful tiled roofs. Most of its revenue comes from metalwork.

2.1 The Prayer and Club (inn)
2.1.1. Nicholas Abell (cleric NPC)
This melancholy, critical physician has pale olive skin, grey eyes, and black hair. He is heavy, with a round, bland face. His main interest is animals.
2.1.2. A mysterious patient (Adventure hook)
Abell is tending to a patient whose identity he is keeping a carefully guarded secret. Is he being discrete, or is there something more sinister afoot?

2.2. Greymoor (stronghold)
This medium-sized castle, built of grey marble and set in a snowy pass, belongs to a warlike duchess. It contains a lavish garden and appears to be populous. It is approached by a tree-lined avenue. The holding is rich in art and culture.
2.2.1. Duchess Adrianna Mariana, the Splendor of Maritia (Noble NPC)
This is a big-boned, brown-skinned woman with wavy black hair. She is a sweet-natured hunter with an interest in romance. She is newly married.
2.2.2. All Heads Turn as the Hunt Goes By (Adventure Hook)
The seasonal hunting expedition turns into an opportunity for someone to try to kill the duchess. Can the PC’s stop it in time?

Enh, it is kind of bland but you get what I’m trying to do. The adventure hooks would probably end up on two cards, with at least one side of one being a map.

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