The rest of the Alphabet

You know what the worst part is? I had all of the concepts down.

What I didn’t factor in was a huge uptick in work, a ton of chaos at home, and generally getting quickly burned out on making NPC after NPC using the Union City Heroes rules. But to prove that I could do it, here are the rest of the villains I had planned, in brief.

Gray Grey: creepy alien stalker
Half-Life: mutagenic zombie
Insta-Gram: daredevil social-media-influencing octogenarian
Jongoleur: juggler of gimmick weapons
Karyotin: a massive mono-cellular creature
Lab Rat: animalistic monster
Mal Practice: villainous doctor
Nun Sequitur: religious zealot
Osteo: brawler covered in a bone carapace
Psilencer: mentalist
Quark: energy-wielding conqueror
Rasputin: unkillable figure from history with bionic powers
Size Queen: shape-changer
Thespian: man of a thousand faces
Underweird: supernatural quislet
Velociraptor: clever dinosaur
Westminster Abbie: gargoyle vixen
X-pectorator: spits mutagenic goo
Yellow: cosmic horror
Zygomorph: plant-based entity

Seriously, I need to try to finish these guys, but it’s unlikely it’ll happen in its totality in the next two weeks. Until then, thanks for following along!


  1. I quite enjoyed reading the characters you came up with. The rules I wasn’t familiar with but you can grok a bit anyway. I feel like the way these challenges must be “successfully” completed is by having a bunch of the work pre done and running a few days ahead with the posts ready to fire automatically. How often does life not throw you curve balls for a whole month?

    Hopefully we (the public) will see the remainder come through at some point.

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