F is for Forgotten

Name: The Forgotten (real name unknown)
Archetype: 1st Level Leader
Stamina: 25+10 per hero
Stats: Aim 2, Strength 2, Charm 4, Health 5, Speed 3, Agility 2, Intellect 4, Will 6
Powers: Command (many, very restricted, signature power) 4, Versatile Power (gadgets) 2, Training: Attack 2
Archetype Abilities: Resist, Overcome +1, Elite, Mind of Your Own

Taken Down: If the Forgotten is taken down, he will immediately gain full Stamina and attempt to use his Command power to make the heroes forget him.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time, but that person claims to know you. Moreover, that person claims to have interacted with you on multiple occasions, but you have no memory of this. And, as soon as you blink, you don’t remember even that conversation happening.
That’s the Forgotten, a mysterious man with the sole ability to be completely, utterly forgettable. His telepathic power is formidable, but limited to only this single context. But to be able to enter a place, do anything, and then leave without anyone recollecting your face or what happened has allowed him to amass great wealth and power. While adept and combat and possessing an arsenal of weapons and gadgets he has acquired over his career, his favorite technique is to just wait until someone looks away, and then make them forget it even happened.

Author’s note: this NPC requires a little willingness to meta-roleplay with your players, who will at first be confronted by a villain claiming to have already met them, but then repeat that same plot over again later (should you use him more than once). Players generally hate having their PC’s be mind controlled, but hopefully the unique nature of this will make it more palatable.

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