E is for Elegant

Ack! Five entries in and I’m already falling behind. Time to try to catch up…

Name: Elegant (Lauren Gates)
Archetype: Masked Criminal (Vigilante)
Qualities: Melee, Expertise, Technical
Stamina: 25+10 per hero
Stats: Aim 5, Strength 1, Charm 3, Health 1, Speed 2, Agility 3, Intellect 5, Will 2
Powers: Base of Operations 2, Expert Combat 1, Expert Evasion 2, Stealth 2, Transport (Vehicle) 2
Archetype Abilities: Cascading Successes, Plucky, +1 Dodge

Taken Down: If Elegant is taken down, she will simply surrender to the authorities, confident that she will either escape or use her prodigious wealth to subvert the justice system.

What is Elegant’s motivation? Wealth and objects of art, the more glamourous and beautiful the better. Lauren Gates grew up in poverty but as she grew into adulthood she dedicated her efforts to becoming one of the world’s most elite cat burglars. The training took her around the world and helped her build up a network of contacts, fences, and friends among corrupt law enforcement.
Over time, her criminal activities brought her into conflict with superheroes and vigilantes, and she adopted the moniker “Elegant.” Rather than directly engage superhumans in combat, Elegant will more often that not use her agility and combat techniques to avoid and escape capture, leading the heroes on a wild chase across rooftops or the streets in a souped-up luxury car.

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