D is for Do-Re-Mi

Name: Do-Re-Mi (Gabriella Roney)
Archtype: Gifted
Qualities: Ranged, Extraterrestrial, Sonic
Stamina: 25+10 per hero
Stats: Aim 6, Strength 2, Charm 3, Health 3, Speed 2, Agility 5, Intellect 2, Will 2
Powers: Armor 1, Flight 1, Hinder (deafen) 2, Strike 2
Archtype abilities: +2 Dodge, Strength through adversity, Unflappable

Taken Down: if Do-Re-Mi is taken down, she immediately assumes her “Taken Over By Alien Artifact Form.” Stamina returns to full, Strength and Speed increase to 4, Strike and Hinder go to Class 3 and Armor and Flight become Class 2. If “Taken Over By Alien Artifact Form” is taken down, Do-Re-Mi is captured. She will deeply resent the heroes from then on for having forced her to (temporarily) lose her humanity.

Background: Gabriella Roney worked for the governmental agency F.A.S.T. (Federal Alien Surveillance Taskforce), a clandestine organization monitoring alien threats to the the planet. One day F.A.S.T. agents were able to intercept an alien ship that had crashed to Earth but the pilot was mortally injured (or so the report says). Several artifacts were recovered successfully, and Roney was one of the tech agents tasked with cataloging them for storage. While moving the items into secure storage, one of the objects exploded and a shard lodged in her neck. The object became embedded in her flesh and began to slowly mutate her vocal cords, allowing her to create and manipulate sound waves for destructive purposes, create force fields, and allow her to fly. Roney was horrified by the transformation, and swore revenge on both the alien interlopers and the agency she saw responsible for placing her in harms way.
Now, Do-Re-Mi, as Gabriella calls herself, and frequently be found targeting alien superheroes (and the odd villain) as well as federal metahuman agencies, especially F.A.S.T.

Author’s Note: I freely admit that this character is a bit of a homage to the classic Champions villain “Howler,” whose image I cribbed to represent Do-Re-Mi.

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