The Ogre, and a banner day

Right off the bat, here’s an Ogre for my Drazen’s Horde warband.


After I had primed it, I realized that in fact this ogre was a “she.” I guess that shouldn’t surprise me–little ogre babies have to come from somewhere (ogre storks?) but I was most troubled by the fact that my awareness of her sex came from the fact that she had frighteningly saggy ogre boobies. I’m talking National Geographic quality, never-seen-an-ogre-bra breasts. And now, the Dreaded Ogre Sideboob.

Ogre Sideboob

It’s bad enough that the mini has an ogre buttcrack, but please… Anyways, I’ll probably use the ogre as a Big ‘Un, because I’m saving the “Troll” option for a truly big monster.

On a totally unrelated note, the Skematic Signal Tower post was a huge draw, bringing in over 500 viewers, which works out to be like one eighth of the total viewers in a single day. It even got pinged as a top post of the day. So, I’m getting the message: more cool terrain is what people want. Okay, I’ll get started on the Next Big Thing.

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