Ogre Delver and Goblin Archer

I’m finally wrapping up my Drazen’s Horde warband with an Ogre Delver, which will serve as the Orc Boss, and a Goblin Ambusher, which will serve as a Goblin Archer (with the small crossbow for a small bow).

Ogre Delver

Delver side

Goblin Archer

This is probably the end of the work on this warband for a while. I still have an owlbear and a bugbear boxed up, but I’m ready to change gears for a while.

I’ve learned a lot painting this group of minis, including some wet blending and working with contrast in the color scheme of a mini. I’m not sure what’s next in terms of miniatures; I’ve got an elf, dwarf, human, and gnoll warband boxed up as well.

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