Some recent games under scrutiny

I’ve had a love affair with Mordheim for years, but I’ve always had problems with how restrictive the game is in terms of warband composition.  Naturally, Games Workshop wants to sell their own minis, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of playing what I’d want to, as long as it was balanced against everything else.

That has meant that I’ve looked at a lot of other games, including such luminaries as Warlord by Reaper and the aforementioned Chaos in Carpathia.  Right now I’ve got three at which I’m taking a close look.  Both games have built-in limitations about what you can play, though.
The first in No Quarter, which is free, but has a bit of complexity to it.  Sort of Warhammer+1.  It is also built for Warhammer-sized armies, although it can be brought down to a pretty small number.

The second is Ares, by Majestic 12 Games.  Open ended like No Quarter (with sample creations in their oddly-named Beastiary), Ares is a lot more simplistic, and even features an open-ended magic system as well.  It does feature different dice (d6, d12, etc.) which is an odd quirk you don’t see too often these days.

The third is a dark horse, in fact it is so dark that light can not escape it, called Iron Arena.   I’ve got a copy of their sci-fi game, Storm Front, but honestly haven’t read through it with much detail, because the layout is almost visibly painful, with a too-dark watermark blurring every page.

There’s another blog out there where the blogger is trying to paint 1000 points of No Limits (the sci-fi version of No Quarter) in a single month.  Unfortunately, that turned out to be too big a task, apparently, since the blog has been inactive since April, and he didn’t even finish his first 1000 pts.  Nothing against guy–apparently he’s trying to juggle a new job, classes, and scratchbuilding parts of his army.  But I like the idea well enough, especially when I’ve got a bit more free time on my hands coming up this summer.  More later…


  1. I have played–and really enjoyed–Warlord, though truthfully I’ve mostly played ‘kill ’em all’ battles rather than campaign/loot oriented dungeon crawls or scenarios. I really WANT to like No Quarter and Mordheim, but they are awfully limiting in their own ways…

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