The Hobby-palooza

I’m back from vacation, sporting one of the worst sunburns that I have ever had, period.

Not that I’m back, I’ve got quite a bit of free time on my hands. I’m going to spend it doing some projects that I haven’t had the time to do previously. These include:

  1. Doing a Gothic version of the Descent tile set
  2. Taking apart a HO-scale train table my son was given, and reconfiguring it for something more useful (note: this may sound ruthless or destructive, but the table isn’t really attractive or appropriate for a young child. I’ll post a pic)
  3. Play lots of Warhammer and C&C
  4. Clean up the house (I got to do something non-hobby related in there)

I’ll also be watching Farscape: Season One on DVD, a recent gift. That will keep me occupied between casts.

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