The 6000 point post

I don’t know why, but 3000 hits seems like a good benchmark for a blog review and perhaps even an “oil change.” I had one at 3000, when I switched formats and added a few things, and now we are at 6000 hits. I’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so I thought I’d break this down into sections.

The Blog

I’ve considered fiddling with the format/presentation of the blog, something with a bit more color or style. But I also like the sidebar options and the clear appearance of the blog now, so I will probably not change it. Between 3000 and 6000 I had the biggest day ever: 500 hits, all as a result of finishing the Necron terrain trio. The second most popular post is, oddly enough, the one of the ogre from the Drazen’s Horde warband because of a few naughty words I used in the write-up. What is really disturbing is that yesterday someone actually came to the site because they typed “National Geographic boobs” into Google (for those who don’t know, there’s a way I can tell).


I’m still without a digital camera as a result of an accident while on vacation, and am now weighing either trying to get it repaired or replaced, all depending on cost. That means that it may still be a while until there are pics on the site again, which is too bad because it really is the bread and butter on the site.


As I mentioned, terrain is the most popular topic to date. However, after finishing the Gothic Descent set I may hang up my molds for a bit. One big reason is that I am having some space issues. Terrain tends to be large and take up a lot of shelf space because you don’t want it banging up against other stuff. And, even though I got rid of a lot of terrain pieces a while ago, I still don’t have a lot of space for it. Moreover, I am doing some redecorating in my recreation room mostly with the intent of spending more time in there. My hobby table is in the rec room, but has been primarily a place for me to store stuff while I paint/build on the coffee table in the TV room. As a result, I’m getting more stuff off of the hobby table so I that I can resume painting there. Long story short? Focusing on small stuff, like painting miniatures.


I suppose it is handy that by painting miniatures I am a) engaging in the anti-work of hobby activities, b) creating a painted army for war gaming which is always preferable to playing with unpainted minis, c) actually decreasing in volume, since painted minis are almost always smaller than they are in their packaging, and d) not spending money on new minis.

There is several different collections of miniatures that I am working on. First, the Warhammer dwarf army. Second, the Naresh Chainmail warband. Third, miniatures for my Castles & Crusades campaign. That is not including the countless other miniatures that wouldn’t have an immediate use, like Necromunda or cowboys or colonial Africa miniatures.

As I said, I’m moving my primary painting set-up to the newly-renovated rec room, which will have a TV and computer of its own inside, so hopefully you’ll see an up-tick in painting.

Roleplaying Games

Castles & Crusades is still going strong, which means that I of course would like to do something different. Or rather, there are times in which I would like to try something a little experimental, both in terms of genre (other than fantasy) and theme (other than heroic fantasy). An example of this is my Roanoke Station RPG concept (found in the widget on the side), which is a dark horror sci-fi RPG. I may consider trying to do some sort of “mini-series,” for which Roanoke Station would be perfect, rather than abandoning C&C completely. Besides, heavy psychological horror wouldn’t be something I would want to sustain over a long time anyways.


Like roleplaying, I’ve got a stable if not exactly frequent outlet (in this case, Warhammer Fantasy Battles) but still a yearning for something a little different, even if for a short period of time. I’ve got several good candidates, and the miniatures to go with it. For example, I’ve got three starter sets for WarMachine, one painted by a friend. That’d be an easy foundation for something like a small game night at my house, and the new gaming table that is also part of the rec room renovation.  Issues like time, other players, etc. would still be out there, of course.

Other Stuff

Every once in a while I start thinking about expanding the focus of the blog to go beyond wargaming and RPG’s to cover other interests like geocaching, movies, books, or even religion.  But I’m not sure if I want to muddy the waters here or put that stuff on another blog or just not bother at all because there would be little interest in it.  Feedback appreciated.

One comment

  1. Congrats on the 6000 hits. Good to see a quality hobby blog getting some appreciation. 1.2 million blogs on WP, and barely half a dozen hobby blogs worth reading.

    Stick with the gaming content. Once you veer off into real world issues, you’ll lose all the readers who don’t agree with your politics.

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