Roanoke Station revisited

I’m still thinking about how to run Roanoke Station, my dark low-tech sci-fi RPG.  I went to the forums to get suggestions for a ruleset to use.  I had originally been considering d20 Future, because my gaming group is pretty familiar with the d20 rules.  However I’m a little concerned that the “flashy” elements of d20 (feats, etc.) might overshadow or convolute the psychological horror aspects of the game.  I want the PC’s to be constantly feeling a bit of dread, like the situation is just a little bit bigger than they are, and that they are getting by on borrowed time.

The suggestions so far have ranged from the obvious to the less-so.  Traveller is a good low-tech game with a strong focus on skills, and appeals to the “old school gamer” in me.  Alternity was sort of the roundabout bridge between second and third edition D&D, sort of a “dX” system, rather than just a d20 (so much so that the Star*Drive setting appears in d20 Future).  Some sci-fi suggestions are a little more obscure, like Blue Planet, which oddly enough I own, or Jovian Chronicles (which uses a variant of the R. Talsorian ruleset, if I remember correctly).

Other people eschewed the entire sci-fi genre completely and focussed on the horror aspect of the game.  Suggestions included more contemporary-era games like All Flesh Must Be Eaten and Conspiracy X.  It is an interesting notion–shows like Firefly proved you didn’t need a lot of high-tech paraphenalia to have a believable and effective saga.

 Finally, a few universal systems popped up: Savage Worlds (which I think shows up in most threads), HERO, and something called Nemesis.  On a side note, I actually own all the gamesystems mentioned, except All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

Postscript (and justifying the “terrain” tag): I bought a new digital camera today.  As soon as it arrives, I’ll get the pics of the Gothic Descent set posted.

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  1. How about Twilight 2000? That could possibly work for you. Or if the group is familiar with the D20 rules just cut and past what feats / skills exist. Pass out a players knowledge sheet and say here you go kidos these are the feats etc that exist in this reality.

    Oh by the way you may recognize me from the HA forum as Eiswulf Velikij.


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