A New Look, and a New Page

First, as you have doubtlessly noticed, I’ve changed the theme of Strange Vistas.  I was actually planning on changing the look of SW when I hit 6000 (as I did at 3000) but hadn’t really settled on another theme that I liked.  I wanted something flexible yet not too fussy.  I eventually settled on Redoable Lite, which is a big change from the stark white, but I think gives the place a good look.

I’ve also added another page.  To explain it, you need too look a little behind the scenes here.  Recently I got rid of a lot of the odds and ends of my miniatures collection, especially the Warhammer stuff.  I just got tired of looking at the ~400 points of Dark Elves (or Sisters of Battle, or Orks) and saying “when am I going to get the time/money/energy to build that up to something respectable and not dependent on having three quarters of the army be proxy miniatures?

So, I consolidated, focusing on just a few armies that I want to get to a good size.  Top one of the list is my dwarfs.  I’m playing them in the current WHFB campaign, one that features 3000 point armies.  A lot of the miniatures I got rid of were traded for dwarfs, as was a lot of terrain as well.  So I’m going to keep a running tally of what I have painted on the new page “the dwarf army” and post each unit as they are completed here.

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