A Lazy Day Off

I have a brother who is about twenty years younger than I am (he’s adopted) and recently he has been interested in learning how to paint miniatures.  So today, my day off, I invited him over for a day-long clinic on miniature painting, interspersed with pizza and Yu-Gi-Oh (which I have never played before today).  We worked on layering, highlighting, drybrushing, etc.  I also introduced him to the Magic Wash: 70% Future Floor Wax, 30% water, and some ink for color.  I don’t usually use the Wash, but it is a nice helper for starting painters and also prevents chipping.  Here’s the result of his labors:

TFT Barbarian

Looks good, and a lot better than some of my first minis.  I’m still wrestling with what to do next.  Obviously I want to get the Descent set finished, but Hirst Arts’ recent Ruined Fieldstone Tower mold is pretty hard to resist.  My brother is also interested in getting into wargaming, but being a teenager lacks funds to put towards the game.  Also, unless I go with Warhammer Fantasy Battles or something similar, there is no one in my immediate group who can put forward an army without making a financial investment.  That has got me thinking Mordheim, which would have few starter minis or could commandeer minis from a WHFB army, or something similar like ARES, Song of Blade and Glory, or No Quarter.

Alternatively, I’ve just gotten my hands on several Inquisitor minis, which could mean I could field all the minis for people.  But $22 for a mini, even a really large one, is pretty steep, even if you only need two or three to play.


  1. He did a great job: much better than my first attempts.

    Nice. I love getting people into the hobby (though I do it so infrequently). I’ve given away so many minis to kids and peers who were curious, I shudder to think how many points/dollars (this would include: 3 eldar armies of 1000 points, Dark Elves of 1500 points, ~800 points of SOB).

    I might have some leftover marine bits & bobs that could be a starter army, incidentally. Or, if he’s interested in Beast of Chaos for Fantasy, some old-school plastic dudes and a minotaur that he could mess around with.

    Inquisitor is 54mm scale, which is 1/32 roughly, yeah? You COULD substitute 1/35 scale plastic army figs and introduce him to the joy of conversion, for a lot cheaper than buying Inq. troops…

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