Making headway, by making hallways

If you check the “On the Workbench” page, you’ll notice that for the past day or two I’ve been cranking out hallways sections for my Descent set. I’d post pics, but they aren’t too exciting. When I get some rooms built, I’ll include the new hallway sections too.

Now for a little teaser. I’ve got a big project in the wings, something I’ve only been alluding to in the slightest of ways (like broadcasting it all over or the Hirst Arts chat room). In any case, I’m not going to be putting anything on it here until it is really underway. I’ve been learning that viewers would rather have large, chewy chunks of hobby goodness with gaps inbetween than having stuff trickle in bit by tiny bit (“ooh…a new hyena…”) So while work goes apace here, I’ll be waiting until I get a bit farther in before I post any pics.

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