Seven Years War: beginning with books (okay, book)

So, I’m wanting to learn more about the Seven Years War, or at least more than I can glean on Wikipedia. My first place to go is the public library, but I do so knowing that I’m in for disappointment. Let me explain. My local public library’s history section is a complete travesty, especially if the history book isn’t about Ohio, World War II, or Iraq. French and Indian War? There’s a junior high textbook on the shelves, but that’s it. Seven Years War? Not a blessed thing. Or rather, no book dedicated to this conflict (although I did find one on the Thirty Years War, and the War of the Roses). Forget the fact that the library is trying to raise nine million dollars to renovate a new facility because they don’t have enough space; I guess if I was researching the works of Janet Oke or wargaming the Left Behind series, I’d be set.

Seven Years War for Dummies

A likely book available at my public library.

And forget about interlibrary loans. TMP has recommended Christopher Duffy as the guy for books on the period, but of all the works by Christopher Duffy, the only one available is “Military Experience in the Age of Reason.” I’ve actually read part of that one before, but I’ll revisit it again. I also thought I’d put in a request for some of the fundamental Osprey books on the topic, but that was a total wash as well.

So I left by initial expedition having gained only a copy of a biography of Frederick the Great written in 1971 by Louis Snyder, and putting in a request for the Duffy book. I’ve also gone ahead and purchased a rulebook already, but I’ll talk more about that after it comes in.

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