An update some “forgotten” projects

I get teased sometimes by friends for my inability to finish anything I’ve started, so in order to respond to my detractors, I thought I would share what has happened to some projects that haven’t been seen in quite some time. Let’s take a look at the Island of Misfit Hobby Projects…

Roanoke Station

For those who weren’t reading this blog about six months ago, Roanoke Station was my plan to put together a science-fiction RPG with a heavily-detailed setting and the grim knowledge on the part of the players that they were probably all going to die before the campaign ended. You can see the player write-up in the box widget on the sidebar. I started it around the time that the Legacy of the Dragon storyline had begun to grind a bit, and the group was having difficulty getting together regularly. These days I’ve abandoned Roanoke Station and continued with Castles and Crusades for three reasons.

The group got bigger. My gaming group expanded from averaging four players a session if I was lucky to a pretty consistent eight. In a fantasy RPG where players all have a pretty distinct role in the “party collective identity,” eight players is sort of manageable. Eight players in a skill-differentiated, single race, roleplaying-heavy campaign seemed more difficult.

The group got younger. Three players are fifteen or younger now, and they can be pretty silly sometimes in a way that isn’t too distracting from a rollicking fantasy campaign with a pretty light feel. Roanoke Station was a grittier, heavier campaign that may have not suited them.

The group got stronger. Somewhere around the latter part of the Legacy of the Dragon, the group settled into its groove (probably around the time the other two factors kicked in). Right now the group is solid, the campaign is really rolling, and everyone is having fun. Why switch?

As it stands now, Roanoke Station is on permanent hiatus. I may do a write up for other people to look at if there is more interest, and someday may head out for the station should the situation with C&C change.

The Hadrian’s Wall Milecastle

This project isn’t on hold, although it often ends up competing with casting and building time with the Gothic Descent set.  Basically, I started the interior walls and they went horribly wrong, so I had to start over.  The way I’m doing it now, each side wall will take twelve casts each to just do the sides alone, not to mention the tops.  Given that I only cast a mold a few times a week, it’ll be a while before I get as many casts as I need.  What I really need to do is set aside a nice big block of uninterrupted time to just cast my brains out.

The Dwarf Army

They’ll be seeing some action on Friday, but I need to be painting again.  Perhaps in between casts on my mythical uninterrupted day….

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