November Wrap-up

Sometimes I wonder if some sort of monthly collection might be better than me just writing filler to puff out the entries.

This month I set aside a lot of hobby stuff so I could host my family’s Thanksgiving holiday (something to the tune of fifteen people).  I decided to fill what little hobby time I had with putting together a small terrain piece, something less than 6″ on a side.  I’ll post pics when it is done.

I didn’t get the chance to introduce my RPG group to wargaming either, which I guess will have to wait for a later time.  I also didn’t get a game of Warhammer in either.   Add that to not getting together with the HMGS guy, and I’m in the middle of a bad dry spell.

Christmas also tends to be a pretty busy time, but perhaps I can get a little more anti-work in.

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