Ending 2007, starting 2008 and a hint at 2009 WHFB

I played my next-to-last WHFB campaign of the “Reaver Princes” 2007 Campaign. Once again, I played Vince’s Orcs, only this time he really, really wanted to win. He’s 0-5, and I’m 5-0 for our series of match-ups in this campaign. He managed a fairly decisive win on the “Win Big, Lose Big” tendencies of Orcs & Goblins. It also didn’t help that he brought along a Orc Lord on a Wyvern and a Giant to help him out. Also not hurting his cause was my cannon and organ gun both misfiring on turn one. After that he was able to run Wolf Riders up to the cannon, and the organ gun was swamped with orcs not long after. In case anyone was wondering, he didn’t suffer Animosity or a miscast once.

On my side, the Dwarf Lord managed to not only kill the Orc General but also his Wyvern, but eventually pushed his luck too far by going after the giant and getting jumped up and down upon. The true hero of my battle was my Master Engineer. Between “Gunner’s Pride” and “Entrenchment” the Master Engineer held off two units of orcs (one black orcs) for the entire game. I had this image of him perched atop the wall, blasting away with his pair of pistols…

In the end, though, they both fell and the game was lost as my dwarfs were totally overrun. Now I’m 5-1 with one month to go. There’s another player who is only 5-0 (he didn’t play a game this month) so I’m trying to figure out if we can get together and have it out once and for all.

Looking ahead to the next campaign, I’ve finished the first unit of my own Orcs & Goblins, a five-orc unit of Boyz. I’m hoping to get 300 points painted by the end of May, which doesn’t sound like much of a load. But I’m a really slow painter and am pretty loaded down with work and other responsibilities right now (hence the lack of RPG updates) so we’ll have to see.

At first, I didn’t care for how these guys were turning out, but they really rallied at the end, especially after a big of home-made “magic wash”: a little Future floor wax, some water, and some brown ink. Here’s the pic:

The first mini-unit

Feel free to comment.

Finally, Vince and I discussed the 2009 campaign. It’s about seven months away (the “2008” campaign only runs June through November). His idea is to do a “two sides” campaign sort of like mine, only with 3000 point armies, and each player choosing a side. He’d be the leader of the “good” side with his Bretonnians, and I’d take the leadership of the “evil” side. I have a couple of problems, however.

First, I don’t have a 3000 point army, except maybe my dwarfs. I might have 3000 points of Empire if I stretch it, but I’m loaning the Empire army to a friend. I might be able to put together around 2000 points of Chaos or Orcs, but only if I load up the characters. I could borrow minis from someone (like Vince) but I don’t like to do that. On the other hand, buying more miniatures for this campaign doesn’t thrill me either, since I had just begun thinking about that Seven Years War army again…

Oh well, I’ve got seven months to figure it out.

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