Second Orc Unit

Two Orc Boyz Units

I managed to complete my second unit of five orc boyz, shown here with their brothers in the first unit.  Now I only have two units and the warband leader to go.  I’ll need to pick up the pace if I’m going to be done by June 1.

If you aren’t familiar with his site, you should check out Phil Olley’s War Cabinet.  His latest “Broadside” has a great essay on keeping on track with painting a wargaming army.  I’m not sure what my favorite game is, although it is probably Warhammer since it is the only one I play regularly.  It has lots of food for thought, though.

I also picked up a copy of Wargaming: An Introduction by Neil Thomas at a used book store.  This little gem has several very simple rulesets for wargaming in five different historical periods.  Probably not of interest for the guy who likes lots of details, but good stuff for those of us who don’t want to plod through hundreds of pages of rules (or talk friends into doing the same).

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