3000 pt. VC vs. Bretonnia Battle Report

Okay, it is more of an “After Action Report” than a detailed battle report.  I played my first game of the 2009 WHFB campaign, detailed in earlier posts, a three thousand point game pitting my Vampire Counts against my arch-rival Vince’s OSU-themed Bretonnians.  It wasn’t a slaughter, but it was a very steady grind that ended in a total victory for me.  Want to read the details, just click below…

Here’s a rough outline of my 3000 pt. list.

  • Mannfred von Carstein on a barded nightmare
  • Necromancer
  • Necromancer
  • Necromancer
  • One unit of four Blood Knights
  • One unit of ten Black Knights
  • Three units of 25 skellies with spears and shields
  • One unit of 15 Grave Guard
  • One unit of 10 Crypt Ghouls
  • One unit of Fell Bats
  • One unit of Bat swarms
  • One unit of Spirit Hosts
  • The Black Coach

I wish I could say exactly what Vince had, but it included

  • The Green Knight
  • One unit of flying Pegasi Knights
  • A Damsel (seemed to be level 3)
  • A couple of paladins, one with a Battle standard
  • A Knight General
  • Two units of knights
  • One unit of Questing Knights
  • Two units of bowmen
  • One unit of peasants

As I said, there were probably a couple of other things in there too, but I can’t remember. 

My plan was to dominate the magic phase and work the flanks hard while his hammer units got tied up with my tarpits units (the skellies with a necromancer on hand to keep replacing losses) in the middle.  Vince played a good game, but had some rotten luck and spent most of the game reacting and playing defensively.  Here are some high points to illustrate what I mean.

  • Right off the bat I tried to break his line up a bit by using my fell bats as a “bait” unit to draw out his questing knights (since he didn’t have a war machine for the fell bats to hunt, it seemed like a good plan).  If I lost them, it wouldn’t be a big loss if it allowed me to deal with his knight units haphazardly.  Instead of losing the bats, they somehow one the combat with the questing knights, which then broke through a peasant unit, panicking them and sending both units off the table.  Now instead of a broken line, he’s got one with a gaping hole in it.
  • Vince had an almost indentical problem when he ran his pegasi knights around my flank and into the spirit host unit.  Lacking a way to deal with an ethereal unit, the pegasi knights lost the combat, broke, and were run down.
  • The Green Knight appeared early, engaged the Black Coach, and got into a slugfest with it for almost the entire game.  By the time he destroyed it and redeployed it in the middle of the battle, he was down to one wound which Mannfred summarily took using Steal Soul.
  • Speaking of Mannfred, that guy may be broken.  He summoned no less than  four additional units to the game between Raise Undead Horde and Wind of Undeath.  My biggest mistake was foolishly throwing him into combat with the Bretonnian Lord, who nearly killed him before his unit lost the combat (ranks and numbers from an assisting skellie unit) and got run down by Mannfred on his nightmare.
  • By the time the battle was done, Vince was down to three units (two bowmen and a unit of knights) while I was down only the coach, my spirit host (of which I had summoned two others), a skellie unit and my grave guard. 

After the battle I ended up losing 40 points of troops per the campaign rules, and am on the table to make a bee-line for the territory that gives me a free monster (I’m thinking Vargulf).

One comment

  1. good list and great report, somthing to think about however

    Yes you should take a vargulf, in fact in my opinion drop the black coach and take one imediatly, two if you get one for free, they can disrupt fast units on your enemies flanks with their terror tests, and savage light cavelry with their long 360 charge.

    you should also take a count, the great thing about VC is their counts, good in combat and also at casting, necromancers are a lesser but cheaper alternative, that you should only take if you have to few points or need a scroll caddy.

    I notice you say manfred is overpowered, yes he is, but only a little for his hight point cost, some of the vampire counts you could build would be only a little less powerful, and less expensive, he is only completely broken in comparison to your overkill number of necromancers,

    put manfred with your grave gaurd, take a necromancer if you really must, and take two vampire counts in each of your cavelry units, your force will still be brocken in the magic phase, however your cavelry will now become unstoppable on the charge, support them with the vargulf as mentioned, and some dire wolves, (the best flankers in the game due to their movement and cost).

    One final point of advice, 3 large units of skelentons is a but much even in 3000 points, if you are taking grave gaurd and ghouls as well, 75 units of rank and file would be infantry heavy, 100 is a little exessive, keep the grave gaurd and if you like poisened attacks, then by all means take the ghouls, hwoever if you are taking 25 models apeice, (a good tactic by the way) then 2 units of skeletons will surely suffice, and will also give you some points with which to try and buy some good command to back up manfred.

    P.S. I also notice that you only have 4 units of core, so if you drop a unit of skelentons then you may be forced to buy another smaller unit of ghouls, as I belive swarms and wolves don’t count. you could also buy a small unit of skeletons, and raise more as you go, as if manfred is raising units from sratch as well as the infanry in your list then you more overkill there than you do in your necromancers.

    other than these two points your list is quite good, with knights and all the other great units (bar a vargulf) and your tactics dont sound to bad either. good luck.

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