New Year, New Sci-fi Terrain Piece

I stayed up last night just so I could squeak one more terrain piece into the 2008 Projects list: a “Filtration Tower.”






It’s based on a piece that was made over at the Necromundicon, one of my favorite links in my taskbar here.  I tried out some new techniques in terms of weathering which I think make the piece really pop.

Now, for the Year in Review and the Year to Come…

In 2008 I definitely favored terrain over any other hobby outlet, having done two ruined gothic pieces, three ruined fieldstone pieces, three sci-fi catwalk pieces, the Descent set, a small gothic house and the filtration tower.

Miniatures appear to be second, having only painted a few RPG-based minis and the small orc warband.

RPG-wise I don’t know really how to guage how much I accomplished.  I haven’t been gaming as much, but I did do a three-day event last Fall which is more playing as a player than I’ve done in a decade.  I’m looking forward to that next year.

In the past I’ve adopted all sorts of resolutions at the New Year, some usually dealing with hobbies.  This year, I’m not going to.  It just stressed me out about stuff that is supposed to undo stress.  Instead, I’m going to just set some short-run projects and bounce between them, much in the same way Matakishi does at his Tea House.

The first is Gothica, which is my imagi-nation that will serve as a combination terrain/wargaming/miniatures project.  Gothica is basically a mysterious place where warbands end of battling and jockeying for power.  I’ll be building locations, painting its denizens, and hopefully posting some battle reports.  So stay tuned.

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