The Novice Wizard


The Novice Mage
The Novice Wizard


This is a figure I picked a while back for one simple reason: he looks like I think a wizard adventurer should look at the beginning of his career.  So many figures are either so overblown to come across as fantasy bad-asses or if low-powered, comical.

This guy (whose manufacturer is unknown to me) looks like the kind of guy who needs to pay off his student loans at wizarding school and decided the best way to do that is killing monsters and taking their stuff.  He’s the quintessential first-level mage.

The downside to this mini is that he is the posterchild for mounting a figure on a base for handling while you paint him.  I don’t know why the primer didn’t really take, but every time I bumped this guy the paint chipped off: fingers, hair, the skirt of his tunic–all lost paint in the process.  Damn pain in the backside the whole time.

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