Finally getting going on Gothica

At the beginning of the year I began to think about doing  a series of gothic terrain that I called Gothica.  My initial thought was that I’d do a fun sort of narrative to go along with this idea of a gothic-themed imagination.

There are, as always, some problems with my plan, not the least of which is the question of why build more terrain.  So, I decided to alter the Gothica project a little bit.  I’m going to build gothic-themed rooms for my old Descent set modular dungeon.  I still get to cast and build gothic blocks, get items that I’ll use (someday), and perhaps still get a chance for some narrative elements (maybe even some OGL encounter write-ups).

There’s seven rooms in Bruce Hirst’s “Advanced Gothic Dungeon” series that I want to do, starting with the Stair Room, which is first on the list.  I spent the day casting bricks, which I haven’t done in a while.  Hopefully I’ll have the first room finished by the end of next week, and then another room each week after that.  We’ll see.

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