40K terrain–the first piece


A friend of mine (my opponent in my only 40K battle report on this blog) approached me last weekend with a big request: to make for him a small table’s worth of Warhammer 40K terrain.  He had a brief list: two buildings, a few walls, and a large “courtyard” piece.  

I said yes mostly because I like casting bricks and building terrain, but often lack the space to store lots of pieces.  This first piece took me a little less than a week to finish (even more impressive given that I was building the Stair Room at the same time).


Sci-Fi terrain front
Sci-Fi terrain front



Sci-Fi Terrain back
Sci-Fi Terrain back

The really bizarre green paint job was a result of spray-painting the pieces in less-than-ideal weather conditions in my garage.  I can’t figure out if I really hate how it looks, or think that it is interesting in its random faded state.  I also didn’t know if he wanted it for a urban table, a desert table, or a lush verdant table, so I went with a fairly generic look.  He can always add flock to it later if he wants.

I’ll probably alternate back and forth between this project and my own Gothica project, hopefully finishing at least one piece a week.

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