The Zombie Bunker


“Sir, we have finished work on our last project,” said 1/4main, the leader of the Cyborg Apes.

“Aren’t you all working on the 40K set of terrain for a friend of mine?” I asked.

“Correct.  Our latest piece is a Zombie Bunker.”

“Zombie Bunker?”

“Yes,” said @kins, one of the other C-Apes.  “With all the recent interest in post-apocalyptic gaming and zombie movies, we thought a bunker would be a good move.”

“Great, let’s take a look.”


Zombie Bunker
Zombie Bunker

“Here’s the front door,” said #stone.  We had a little trouble painting the main part of the building.  The initial dark gray primer didn’t settle evenly, leaving glossy patches.  So we sprayed it all over with a matte sealant and then put a very light coat on top of it.  It worked extremely well.”



Bunker Door
Bunker Door

“On the back, you can see where we tried to make it look like it was built into a small rock outcropping using the Cavern Mold.”


Bunker rear
Bunker rear

“It looks great,” I said.  “But there’s only one problem.  After I gave him the green sci-fi piece, my friend said he didn’t really like it and wanted a more gothic feel.”

“Gothic?” shouted 1/4main. “Gothic!  In the grim future of the 41st century there will be only Cyborg Apes, and we love Art Deco!  You tell him I said so!”

“I will,” I promised my three loyal terrain builders.  “Perhaps we can sell this one on eBay…”


  1. Yo, loved the Bunker piece, by the way. Sorry if that didn’t come out right, though. I think the real problem with the generator is that, color wise, it didn’t really fit with everything else, and thus stands out perhaps a tad more then I’d like. We’ve used it as a objective, though, and it seems fine there. I might, like I said, repaint it grey, but other then that I love the pieces so far.

    I built up some forest pieces the other day, and they’ve so far received a warm reception. Any good ways you can think of to send a picture or four off this way?

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