My Two Tables

A friend asked me to post a pic of all my sci-fi pieces together.  Keep in mind that the green pump station was given to a friend.  Anyways, here’s the sci-fi layout, which is pretty meager.


Sci-Fi Table Layout
Sci-Fi Table Layout

As just for fun, here’s most of my fantasy terrain pieces all put together.


Fantasy Table layout
Fantasy Table layout

I need something other than my verdant table cover for the sci-fi stuff.  Perhaps I’ll pick up a vinyl sheet from Zuzzy.

I also realize that while I clearly have enough fantasy terrain to fill a 4′ by 4′ table, and probably decently occupy a 4′ by 8′ wargaming table, I’m definitely short of sci-fi pieces.  As it turns out I’ve been planning on not only building some “gothic” 40K pieces, but I also need to build some terrain for a big gaming weekend in October.  I really liked the Zombie Bunker, so perhaps I’ll start either doing more of those kinds of pieces or more along the lines of the “sci-fi catwalk” stuff I did earlier.  

I’m probably side-lining the Gothica stuff until I can figure out a good use for them.  I only have so much time, and need to prioritize stuff that I actually may play with on a table.

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