The End of the World Project begins

Doesn’t that sound ominous?  The reality is, well, that “End of the World” or EOW is a five day gaming bonanza that a few friends and I indulge in annually like a drunken fratboy binge session, only with dice instead of kegs of Milwaukee’s Best.  It’s in October, and this year my goal is to create a alien base on the moon (in 28mm scale).  

Since this representsboth a large goal, and a project that will be actually be used by people, things like Gothica which are only large and won’t be used by peoplehave been been bumped to the bottom of the worktable.  

Here’s the first of many, many pieces.


The first EOW piece
The first EOW piece

My current plan is to create several roughly rectangular pieces of various sizes that can be stacked in different ways to make the base.  I’m combining several concepts: sort of a wastelands-hiveworld-alien layout.  We’ll see how it comes out in reality.

Until then, keep checking for updates each week.

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