The worktable in May

Right now, I’ve got a few things going at once:

Andadas’ Ranch House I agreed to build a “ranch house” for Andadas’ Andaville project.  He needed a huge gaming table and basically out-sourced the whole thing by having different people build each building.  It’d due by June 1, and I only have two out of seven walls built.  Part of the delay is because I need fourteen of a block that you get only one of per cast of a mold, but I’m hoping to get all the ones I need today.  WIP pics probably tomorrow.

The new 4E campaign Having decided on an edition, now I need to slap down some stats for encounters.  This is actually where 4E gets pretty easy, because you can do a pretty good job gauging things.  It’s also where I’m reminded that “encounters” means “team vs. team” battles and little else, but I’m moving on…

The EOW project I’ve got a second sci-fi piece cast, and just need to get it glued together.  I hope to do it tomorrow.  The small kicker to this is that I’m re-thinking the whole thing.  Right now, I’m basically “part two” of a two-part adventure.  “Part One” is an RPG session led by a friend that culminates in the PC’s going to the moon to battle an alien invader.  “Part Two” is a skirmish wargaming session of their battling their way through the base.

Cool idea, but I’m being seduced by K&O Modeller’s Moulds line to do a  contemporary or post-apoc zombie town.  I could, naturally, do both.  There’s nothing to suggest that “Part Two” will take up a whole day like it is supposed to.  But two major terrain tables in six months may in all likelihood be too much for me.  I’ll need to take stock and figure it out.

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