Second EOW piece

I finished the second sci-fi piece.  It’s virtually the same as the first.


A word about its construction.  I can do this piece in four casts, provided I don’t cast the entire mold.  I can neatly mix about 120g of plaster at a time, which is then poured into the following:

  1. Mold #301, the four wall pieces
  2. Mold #303, the corner piece
  3. Mold #270, the corner, two edge, and one carpet piece
  4. Mold #277, as many as possible (you’ll need eight total)

You’ll also need four 1″ bricks.  Take the wall pieces of 301 for the outside, and the floor tiles and odd wall piece for the inside.  The corner pieces from 303 obviously go on the corners.  Use the #270 tiles for the top.  You’ll need to mount those pieces on something that is 1/4″ thick.  I use foamcore, which isn’t frugal, but you can use foamcore (although a lot of that stuff is 3/16″ thick now, so you may need to add a layer or two of heavy card.

The four 1″ bricks (I use gothic ones, because I have lots) go into the corners on the inside and serve as the platform for the top.

That’s all it takes!

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