Blogs worth looking at: The General’s Tent

A few posts back I mentioned a blog I admire on my blogroll, A Year of Frugal Gaming, whose agenda of thrifty gaming I can definitely support.  Well, another blog I’d like to lift up is The General’s Tent, whose author is “Coyote” whom I met back on the defunct-but-definitely-missed TotalModel forums.

Tyler is a meticulous painter and is holding a torch for Heavy Gear, a “giant robot” wargame that took a run at Battletech a few years back and then geared up again (no pun intended) with Heavy Gear Blitz.  But the real reason why I love his blog is that like me he is a dilletante of every dimension of the hobby: wargaming, roleplaying games, board games, etc.  He even has fountain pens as a hobby.  There’s a lot of “one hobby specific” blogs out there, but blogs like his remind me that having a lot of places from which to draw fun is just a good as dedicating your life to 1806 Napoleonics or whatever.

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