The cardstock tower

As a former librarian and general bibliophile, I’m always glad for a chance to support organizations like my local library.  When they announced that they were doing a Castle/Knight theme for their summer reading program, I was very enthusiastic.  In the children’s section they have a display case that shows various collections of one kind or another owned by members of the community.  This summer they will be showing some of my own castle terrain.

The librarians asked if it would be possible for the kids to build their own Hirst Arts castles, but I reluctantly said that it would take too much prep time to get that many bricks, and that gluing the bricks together would take a long time.  Instead, I suggested cardstock terrain.  While it wouldn’t be “X-Acto knife” quality work, just cutting out by scissors and folding probably wouldn’t be too bad.  A while back Microtactix had a free sample tower that could be colored in and assembled without too much effort, which I thought would be perfect for the library.  I went ahead and put one together as an experiment.  Here’s the result.


A cardstock tower
A cardstock tower

My only complaint is that the terrain is scaled pretty small, more “true 25mm” or even 20mm.  I don’t mind it that much because I favor smaller terrain over larger, because you can get more on the table for a better effect.  Not that the kids will care, mind you.

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