Still losing at Warhammer

For the third straight month in a row, my Vampire Counts have fallen to my Arch-Rival Vince’s Bretonnians.

As a little backstory for those who don’t remember, I’ve been playing in a monthly Warhammer campaign since January.  Players start with 3000 points and have to take one special character.  If you win, you lose a few points.  If you lose, you lose a lot of points.  Having lost three in a row, I’m starting to snowball and will probably have a very difficult time getting a win from here on out.

I chose Vampire Counts and (on the advice on the internet) Mannfred von Carstein.  I should point out three things at this point.  First, I’ve never played Vampire Counts before.  Two, the army list is locked.  And three, I did a terrible slap-up job of putting the army together, mostly based on my experience of armies like Empire and Chaos.  Both of those favor powerhouse generals whose job it is to run up and smack it around at the front line, lending their high leadership to keep people from breaking.

Vampire Counts?  Yeah…not so much.  Mannfred, despite his big shiny sword and armor should just park his backside in the back row, constantly trying to break Wind of Death and Summon Undead Horde.  In fact, when you take a look at the guy, he’s got several glaring weaknesses.  First, no ward save (and he’s only sporting a 3+), second miscasts.  I’m becoming more and more of the opinion that tooling up powerful spellcasters just isn’t worth the points.  Hey look!  Eleven power dice!  I’ll never roll two ones if I cast all of them!  Pfft.

I’ll also say, in hindsight, that I did pick too many small, diverse units (again, thinking like other armies) instead of huge, monolithic units.  I could have dropped the small units of spirit hosts and fell bats and just plumped up the skellies and the crypt guard and gone with that, because God knows that I don’t have anything powerful enough to punch through the 1+ saves of most Bretonnians, and they don’t suffer low leadership either.  I’ve had the most success doing the “hammer and anvil” thing where I tarpit a unit with skellies and them smack ’em in the flank with crypt guard (who have the two-handed weapons).  Everything else just bounces off.

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