My Labyrinth Lord hardcover

Back in November, I showed my homemade copy of one of my favorite simalcrum Old School games, Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game.  Since them I’ve waxed on about my indecision regarding whether it or Labyrinth Lord is the superior game.  Frankly both have qualities I like, and if I decided to run an OSG anytime soon I’d probably borrow something from the game I wasn’t using.

Well today I decided to go ahead and create a hardcover for Labyrinth Lord as well.  Here’s the result.


Like the other, I made it by copying the free pdf at work (it’s a perk).  I then bought a new binder and some plastic page protectors.  Total cost, around $14.  I know that it isn’t a “real book” and that it is quite a bit larger than a regular hardcover.  On the other hand, I saved at least $15 plus the cost of shipping, and have a soda-spill-proof book from which I can remove pages (like the monster stats) and replace at will.

For the cover, I once again took an image made by Reiq.  I feel like it isn’t an RPG unless I’m mildly embarassed to be seen with it at work.


  1. …That’s… terrible. Reiq… man, really sticking your foot in. *laugh*

    Though, the biggest issue I’ve had with this is the print off. It takes a ton of pages and ink, and you can’t have it done at, say, Kinkos as it’s copy written. Thus, you spend a ton of ink, and can’t help but wonder if it would have been better to just buy the thing considering ink costs.

    • I’m not saying that I endorse all of Reiq’s artwork as being, say, appropriate for children. It isn’t. I’m just saying large breasts are a part of RPG covers since the dawn of time.

      I’m also not saying that this kind of print out is the most economic for the Average Joe. I’m a Joe with personal access to a color laser printer that can print 18,000 pages before needing a toner change, meaning I’ll need to change toner around the time I retire. My total cost was about $11 for the binder and the page protectors, giving me a soda-proof copy of an RPG that can easily have pages replaced if necessary.

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