First look at the Ranch House

A friend of mine is putting together a whole gaming table filled with terrain.  Rather than try to tackle it all himself, he wisely outsourced most of the construction to his friends on the Hirst Arts board.  I agreed to tackle the ranch house, which in theory should have been a quick, easy project but has been going very, very slowly.  In any case, here’s a first peek at what I’ve gotten done.

main four walls finished
main four walls finished

When finished, it will include a “walled in porch” which will also have a balcony atop it where people can put there minis and shoot things at elevation (always a good characteristic in wargaming terrain).

In additional terrain news, I got two molds from Keebler Studios, #1 and #6 from their tiny brick line.  I’ll post a review after I’ve gotten some experience casting them.

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