Megadungeon Monday: Slave Pits of the Overlords

As promised, here’s my hand-drawn map of the first level of Slave Pits of the Overlords, complete with a smudge from where my wife dropped a warm chocolate chip cookie on it.

SV1A Map

Here’s the simple “skeleton” room description, courtesy of Central Casting: Dungeons.

SV1A Room Key Outline

You can also find both documents in my widget in the sidebar.

And again, don’t look if you’re in my game.

And if I’m wasting time here, feel free to let me know.

One comment

  1. There’s something about maps like this that make my imagination bubble and pop. Maybe it’s because back in the day, I’d have to wait my turn to play a video game, and I’d pore over the player’s guide and imagine what I’d be doing when I got to play. My brother and I used to draw out maps like this all the time, mapping out rooms and houses, normally with us living in something like Narnia or whatever with all kinds of game and cartoon character’s as neighbors. I wonder if I still have any of those, floating around…

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