My son’s first campaign

So I’ve driving Mac (who is nine) to daycamp today and he says, “Dad, you need to make a character.  What race do you want to be?

“Half-elf,” I say absent mindedly.

“Okay, what class are you going to be?”

“Sorceror.  Are we playing third edition?”

“Yes, because the paladins can still summon animals.  Okay, a guy with black skin and a big sword comes up to you and says, ‘I’m looking for people to stop a big evil guy for me.  Do you want to help?’ ”

“What kind of big evil guy?”

“He’s a lich.”

“Am I getting paid for this?”

“No.  But you can get money and stuff from the bad guys.”

“Okay, I’m in.”

“The guy with the sword introduces you to his team.  He’s got a halfling ranger, another wizard, a bard, a thief…”

[I recognize the team, and if you don’t hand in your nerd ID card.]

“You’re walking along and you see a bunch of kobolds.  What do you do?”

“I cast sleep.”

As this point we got to the daycamp.  We had a conversation on the way in about whether third edition was too complicated and that second edition had paladins that could summon animals too. I’m wondering how close I am to running a camp for Mac and a few of his friends.

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  1. What my son actually wants to game is having his PC team up with a resurrected Miko the ex-paladin and help her liberate Azure City as penance for her alignment-related failure.

    This actually sounds like a great campaign premise, which just goes to show that sometimes it pays to ask the players what they want to do.

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