The Eternity Project re-revisited

I’ve said before that I’m a fan and friend of Tyler Provick over at the General’s Tent blog, and recently he did me a solid by talking about my issues with the idea of an “Eternity Project,” so big all-expansive hobby (usually wargaming a particular era) that takes up all the time the person has.

Tyler I think rightly points out that Eternity Projects have a lot to do with a gamer’s personality, and are not the paragon of hobby pursuits.  I think the appeal for me is the same appeal I have for all people who seem to be able to stick to one thing: I appreciate discipline in one’s life, especially because I don’t have as much of it as I need sometimes.  I can’t start one project without thinking about the next, and flit around constantly.  Does this make me miserable?  No, but it does mean I have boxes and boxes of half-finished armies and primed miniatures and odd plaster blocks glued together here and there.

So maybe the Eternity Project isn’t for me.  Maybe I should just build bits of terrain from month-to-month based on whatever blows my skirt up.  In any case, I’ve made a commitment to not make a commitment to anything project-wise, large or small.

On an unrelated note, in the midst of writing this I see that the young daughter of one of my favorite Eternity Project guys, Der Alte Fritz, is having surgery.  I’m sure I join all of you in wishing her and her family well.

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