How long until 100 points?

There’s two people that I have run across who have a point system for painting miniatures: Phil Olley and Lone Pilgrim.  They are virtually identical in nature (e.g. 1 point for infantry figure, 2 points for cavalry, etc..) but Long Pilgrim does account for vehicles because he is primarily a 40K gamer.  I have mixed feelings about deadlines and the like, but I couldn’t help but notice that LP had a fairly modest goal: 100 points.  He also had an interesting system that I’ve used in the past, namely a “money in/money out” reckoning by which he tracked how much hobby income he generated by selling unwanted miniatures, etc. versus how much he spent on miniatures with the goal of having about 500 british pounds on hand for new miniatures.  As I’ve said, I’ve done similar things by selling terrain I’ve built, although at times that can be odious.

As I think about the October/September hobby year, things like “hey, let’s paint 100 points of miniatures” or “let’s raise X amount of money through auctions” has that same curious appeal to me as any “eternity project” idea.  If I got started by painting the 24 zombie miniatures I have in the basement, I’d be a quarter of the way there.

But, as I promised myself earlier, I won’t decide what (if any) resolution there will be until the end of September 2009.

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