On the question of blogrolls

Every once in a while I work my way down through my list of blogs on my site, mostly as an informal RSS feed to see what people are doing.   Sometimes a site doesn’t update in a very long time and I think to myself, “hmmm, I wonder if I should drop that one if it really is defunct.”

Then recently I saw a blog post where the person hadn’t updated in a very long time.  He said, “I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but my seven year old daughter and my mother-in-law were killed in a car accident.”

Okay, first, you don’t have to apologize for that.  Second, worst thing that could happen to a person?  You have had it.  The fact that you can even compose full sentences is more than what should reasonably be expected.

So now I think that once you’re on the roster, unless you devote your blog to something morally abhorrent, you get to stay there.

In other news, I’m messing about with “dipping” miniatures using wood varnish.  Pics are forthcoming in the next few days.


  1. A few months ago I cut down my blog roll to sites I would like to promote – either due to real life connections, blog quality or some sort of online connection. Everything else was shifted to the RSS reader. Then if someone goes quiet for a month or even a year, I’ll still be “listening” for their next post.

  2. Those blogrolls that show the blog, latest post, when posted and sort by latest post are some slick pieces of code.

    Which reminds me, I need to update my old-fashioned links page.

  3. Man… That… sucks. I really can’t put it better. Or worse. Or whatever.

    I’ve heard of dipping models, before, and I’ve been considering it for my Tyranids. It seems like it would help speed though the 1500+ points of them I have. I hear it’s really messy, though, and since I don’t have a garage or whatever, it seems like it might not be such a good idea. I’m interested to see what you end up with.

    And, it’s only got a few posts, but I finally thought to start a blog of my own. I’ll get some more stuff on their when I get the drive. *laugh*

  4. I think dipping is a lot like cooking–it is about as messy as you’ll let it be. I initially thought it would be a problem but I managed it pretty handily. you could probably go outside to your parking lot, dip half a dozen miniatures quickly, then come inside with no worries at all. As long as you use pliers and don’t let the mini fly off, it really isn’t that big a fuss. Pics soon.

    Also I recently did an assessment of what blogs were on the roll and was surprised that several I had written off had made recent entries, so I’m pretty happy.

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