Some notes on the first One Page Dungeon

Well, my Thanksgiving break is coming to an end, and I have successfully completed my first One Page Dungeon (OPD) using Central Casting: Dungeons.  The 30 by 30 square map has thirty rooms ranging from a 10′ by 10′ room (the Herbalist’s Laboratory) to a 60′ by 140” room (the Great Hall).  About half the rooms lack encounters and probably a similar number lack treasure, but not necessarily the same rooms.

Most encounters are in the “A” (unlikely to pose much of a challenge) range, but there are some “B” encounters and one “D” (several deaths likely, TPK possible) encounter, located in the giant great hall.  That single encounter will definitely fall into the “we should come back later when we’re tougher” category, but it does have a nice little bonus when the PC’s do manage it.

Central Casting: Dungeons tends toward the pragmatic.  There are entries for various logical kinds of rooms (e.g. latrines, dining halls, guard rooms, etc.) and not towards the wildly fantastic.  I may, once I get the feel for this and do some reading for inspiration, move into doing a few areas “freehand” rather than by the random charts.

I’m also holding off codifying the backstory to the dungeon.  I have some ideas, some recycled from other projects, but I thought I might see if the development of the levels provides some inspiration as well.

I am also probably going to hold off on posting much in the way of detail.  I have a (faint) hope of trying to run the dungeon, using Labyrinth Lord or Swords & Wizardry, with some friends or maybe at the FLGS.

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