RPG’s in the Attic, Part One

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m cleaning out my attic and am looking through about a half dozen boxes of old RPG’s I stuffed up there years ago.  It has gotten to be time to get rid of some of this stuff, so I’m going to sort through and see what I want to go.

I’m doing in this real time, blogging as I go.  As a final note before the break, if you see anything you like, let me know.

Pandemonium, Stranger Than Truth! A friend gave me Pandemonium about a decade ago telling me he thought it was cool.  I looked over the main book, figured it was non-playable, and stuck it on the shelf. I don’t even think I opened this book up.  Stay or Go? Go

Shadowrun, Shadowrun Second Edition, Seattle Sourcebook, Sprawl Sites I really liked Shadowrun’s fusion of fantasy and cyberpunk, but the game never really took off in my gaming group.  The “heist” RPG’s always seemed to get bogged down in planning.  Somewhere in a box is third edition.  Stay or Go? Go

Villains and Vigilantes, Super Crooks & Criminals, The Dawn of DNA, Most Wanted Vol. 1 I had a weak spot for supers RPG’s, and the Jeff Dee and Bill Willingham art is cool, but I never liked random power games.  In retrospect I might enjoy the challenge more now. Stay or Go? Stay

Over the Edge Oh baby, this was the wall-breaking surreal RPG, both in terms of setting and rulebook.  You can look at a lot of the indie RPG’s and see this game’s fingerprints all over.  Stay or Go? Stay

Vampire the Masquerade, DC by Night, The Succubus Club Even more than Over the Edge, VtM was very groundbreaking when it came out and totally transformed my college gaming group.  D&D and Champions, both of which were action-oriented, were set aside for intense roleplaying sessions.  It also brought in a lot of people, most of them women.  Unfortunately one of these women had a boyfriend who didn’t like the game and wrecked it.  Years later it hasn’t aged well in my opinion.  Stay or Go? Go

Car Wars Division 5 Set 2 Oh yeah, there will be a few wargames in here.  This was part of a late Car Wars relaunch.  Never played it.  Stay or Go? Go

Cyberpunk 2020, Pacific Rim Sourcebook, Hardwired, Greenwar, Solo of Fortune, Solo of Fortune 2, Protect & Serve, Chromebook, Dark Metropolis Cyberpunk 2020 was another early 90’s favorite but suffered from too much extra gear being added on.  Now the technology looks outdated by 2009 standards.  And why didn’t anyone envision wireless internet? Greenwar is a real gem, with the PC’s manipulating the stock market. Stay or Go?  Go

Werewolf the Apocalypse Vampires with all the angst being about pollution instead of being horrific blood-drinking monsters.  Never played it.  Stay or Go?  Go

Deadlands, Deadlands Hell on Earth Deadlands got a boost from the Savage Worlds RPG.  This is the original, a post-apocalyptic /western mash-up sequel to Deadlands.  Stay or Go?  Stay

Star Trek the Roleplaying Game, Star Trek III Sourcebook Update, Ship Recognition Manual: The Klingon Empire, Ship Recognition Manual: The Federation, The Triangle, The Orions Book of Common Knowledge, The Orions Book of Deep Knowledge This is the original RPG for Star Trek, the three-volume set.  I slowly built up this collection for years, trying to track down most of the books FASA made before going under.  I have a lot of sentimentality for this game–memories of a teenager playing roleplaying games for the first time.  Stay or Go? Stay

Well that was the first box, and a little larger than the others.  More as I go along.  If you see a “Go” item and you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll make you a great deal.


  1. Are you sure you’re not looking in my gaming closet? Man, I think I either own, have played or have owned at one point everything on that list. And they were all incredibly cool at the time, but you’re right, many of them have aged poorly (Vampire, Werewolf, Cyberpunk and Shadowrun, despite my love for the games and the genres).

    I’m in a Deadlands campaign right now. SO ahead of its time, and an interesting contrast with D&D 4.0, which I’m also playing now. Very, very different games.

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